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Xmas method


The Mandate of Heaven — the xuangui or "dark scepter" that symbolized a clustering of all five naked-eye planets — was given to Yu, whose dancing pattern performed the Big Dipper, in the Dark Palace (Xuan Xu, in the longitude of xiu sector Yingshi, linked with alpha Pegasi) on February 26, 1953 BCE, a date that corroborates the Bamboo Annals. In the Songshu it says a "river diagram" of red and green "writing" was presented to Yu by the same "spirit" that announced the transfer of power for Shang and Zhou. Because of this astronomical portent the Xia supplanted the Miao. (In many ancient cultures, a calendar out of sync with precession created dire political and religious consequences — it portended the fall of dynasties and spiritual movements.)