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Wing Chun seminar with GM Nino Bernardo
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Kung fu centre "Xuangui"




Grand Master Nino Bernardo

on December 2011


            Dear friends,

 Kung fu centre "Xuangui" proudly invites you to take part in the winter Wing Chun seminar on 17th-18th December 2011 with Grand Master (GM) Nino Bernardo in Sofia.

 Wing Chun sticky hands is learned independently or in combination with other basic martial arts. If you are practicing other martial arts, sticky hands give you and enrich you with qualities without getting in conflict with your basic practice.

 GM Nino Bernardo ushers in the scientific method of teaching and explains the practice of martial arts through the outlook of a physicist, a mechanic, an engineer and an architect without omitting the mysticism and the essence of Antiquity.

The way the seminar will be lead

The seminar will have a total length of 9 hours including a small break between the two sessions of the day.

Beginners will receive appropriate attention

Topic: "Sticky hands, second form - applications and principles"

Dates of the seminar:

        Sofia 17th December 2011 /Saturday/ at 12 o'clock

        Sofia 18 th December 2011 /Sunday/ at 12 o'clock

The place where the seminar will be held will be announced soon!


Price: 80 euro

For more information and contacts:

Everyone who wishes to take part in the event can call:

          tel. +359/ 898 761 809 

or e-mail: bobystanchev@yahoo.com


web: www.xuangui.com


GM Nino Bernardo is cosmopolitan with Chinese, Filipino, and Italian roots - he can speak 6 languages perfectly, and has taught Wing Chun for 40 years. He's a master guitarist, a fight scene choreographer, a scriptwriter, a Wing Chun teacher to famous actors, specialists of military structures and the police. He has been a mentor to problematic teenagers in a nationla British programme for years. He is the founder of the sport Soccerball which has had tournaments of it held. He is and erudite person in whose company the smiles never fade from the faces of those present. He was taught by the famous Wong Shun Leung, a continuer of the school of Ip Man.

GM Nino Bernardo is a kung fu master who is a herald of the ancient traditions of the Chinese masters who demonstrates martial arts through modern methods of mechanics and the engineering sciences. In spite the fact he is 64 years old, he is brimming with energy and original ideas. His seminars are very fun, full of jokes and interesting stories, and the most fascinating thing to the participants is his ability to present them as acting scenes.